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Maximize Productivity Through Effective Workforce Management

Why companies love Workforce Kit?

For its ability to streamline HR processes, improve efficiency, enforce fair policies, and enhance the overall employee experience.

Employee management

Maximize employee potential with Workforce Kit:

  1. Instantly access emergency contacts for swift response during crises.
  2. Streamline performance tracking and record comprehensive reviews.
  3. Set and monitor individual goals to drive employee growth and success.

Leave management

Simplify leave management with Workforce Kit:

  1. Manage sick leave compassionately and prevent policy abuse.
  2. Implement a transparent holiday management policy and track leave dates.
  3. Avoid leave clashes with highlights before approval.


Streamline employee onboarding with our platform. Assign and sign onboarding and training documents virtually, saving time and ensuring efficiency.

Employee roster management

Simplify your roster management with our user-friendly system. Easily track multiple shifts and create schedules hassle-free. Enjoy our intuitive roster creation screen.

Experience streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and a happier workforce

Our Process

Join the growing number of organizations that have transformed their employee management processes with Workforce Kit. Take the first step today and unlock the full potential of your workforce


Contact us via the website form or phone call for prompt assistance and detailed information.


Book a tailored consultation with our experts to explore how Avertly can meet your unique needs and goals.


After understanding your needs, we’ll customize Workforce Kit to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows and systems.


Our experienced team will closely work with you to smoothly deploy Workforce Kit in your organization, providing guidance and support for a seamless transition.


We prioritize user adoption and proficiency. Our team offers comprehensive training to ensure your staff effectively uses Workforce Kit. Ongoing support is available for any questions or issues.


With everything in place and your team ready, we’ll assist in the final preparations for a successful go-live. Start using Workforce Kit to streamline employee management and boost productivity.


We value continuous improvement and will collaborate with you to gather feedback and make necessary enhancements to Workforce Kit, ensuring its ongoing value for your organization.

Optimize your workforce management processes for enhanced efficiency and success

Empowering Industries with Streamlined Workforce Management

Workforce Kit is designed to be versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for various industries. Here are just a few examples of industries that can benefit from using Workforce Kit:


Streamline employee management processes in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities, ensuring optimal staffing levels, efficient scheduling, and adherence to regulatory requirements.


Enhance workforce management in retail stores, managing employee schedules, tracking leave requests, and optimizing staffing based on customer demand


Improve workforce productivity and efficiency in manufacturing plants by effectively managing employee rosters, tracking performance, and facilitating seamless communication.


Simplify employee scheduling, manage leave requests, and ensure efficient staffing in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments.


Streamline employee management processes in educational institutions, including universities, schools, and training centers, ensuring effective rostering, leave management, and performance tracking.

IT and Technology

Optimize workforce management in IT companies, software development firms, and technology organizations, tracking employee performance, facilitating goal settings, and managing leave effectively.

Service Industry

Enhance employee management in service-oriented industries such as transportation, logistics, and professional services, ensuring efficient rostering, effective communication, and streamlined leave management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Efficient roster management has many benefits, including performance tracking. This means you can easily track which staff members are underperforming and which are meeting the standard. It also helps you track which shift is performing well and which isn’t


Each organization has its peculiarities. However, some guidelines result in creating a standard schedule for employee holidays. They include setting a deadline for holiday requests and sticking to them, creating a company policy on vacations, and informing the employees of this policy. Also, design a roster that creates a balanced workload even in the absence of your employees.


A good onboarding process entails the following. An official hire of the employee, a complete background check, informing the employee of their duties and schedules, and filling every relevant new employee forms


Absenteeism has many obvious effects on productivity, and, logically, every employer seeks to reduce this to the barest minimum. Steps to take to reduce absenteeism include introducing flexible schedules and rosters, and also exploring remote work. You can also have a routine of return-to-work interviews, to monitor your employees’ welfare as they resume work after days off work. Improved employee welfare is another guarantee against absenteeism, as well as introducing recognition and reward systems

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