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Maximize asset performance and minimize downtime with Avertly

Why companies love Avertly?

For its ability to streamline Asset management, improve machine productivity, prevent failures and have complete history of maintenance records.

Service Request Management

Streamlining Service Requests

  1. Optimize Maintenance: Evaluate, prioritize, and track routine tasks from one platform.
  2. Save Labor: Streamline job and service requests for efficiency.
  3. Preventive Measure: Schedule proactive maintenance tasks promptly.
  4. Predictive Measure: Anticipate and prevent asset breakdowns.

Asset Management

Streamlined Asset Management for Success

  1. Data-Driven Insights: Standardized analytics for informed maintenance decisions and root cause analysis.
  2. Cost Savings: Preventive and predictive maintenance to reduce downtime and expenses by up to 90%.
  3. Enhanced Visibility: Simplified kanban board for comprehensive asset and workflow overview.
  4. Extended Lifespan: Accurate preventive maintenance for maximizing asset productivity and longevity.

Checklists and Reports

Streamline maintenance procedures with standardized checklists, ensuring clarity and reducing errors. Benefits include improved safety, efficient operations, instant recording of inspections, and insightful reporting for performance optimization.

Safety and regulatory compliance

Ensure a safe working environment by maintaining equipment in optimal condition. Avertly helps you comply with regulations, track risk control, and reduce regulatory costs.

Experience streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and efficiently operating assets

Our Process

Join the growing number of organisations that have transformed their asset management and planned maintenance with Avertly.


Contact us via the website form or phone call for prompt assistance and detailed information.


Book a tailored consultation with our experts to explore how Avertly can meet your unique needs and goals


Customize your Avertly account by setting up your organisation’s details, such as company name, location, and industry. This step helps tailor the platform to your specific needs.


Gain familiarity with Avertly through our onboarding process. We provide comprehensive training materials, tutorials, and resources to help you and your team get up to speed quickly.


Set up your asset management system within Avertly. This includes adding your assets, defining asset categories, and establishing maintenance schedules and tasks.


Configure workflows and processes within Avertly to align with your organisation’s maintenance practices. Define roles and permissions, assign tasks, and establish communication channels for efficient collaboration.


Before fully integrating Avertly into your organisation, perform thorough testing to ensure that all functionalities and configurations are working as expected. Verify that asset management, maintenance tasks, and reporting are functioning properly.


Once you are confident in the system’s setup and have completed necessary testing, it’s time to go live. Communicate the launch of Avertly to your team, provide any additional training if required, and begin using the platform for your asset management needs.


Avertly offers continuous support and assistance to help you optimize your asset management processes. Reach out to our support team for any questions, issues, or additional training needs that may arise.

Optimize your workforce management processes for enhanced efficiency and success

Empowering Industries with Streamlined Asset Management

Avertly, a precentative maintenance CMMS can bring substantial benefits to various industries by helping them prevent asset breakdowns and optimize maintenance processes. Here’s an outline of industries that can benefit from using Avertly and how our software can solve their problems:


Ensure the highest standards of patient care with our CMMS. Keep critical medical equipment operational, manage maintenance schedules efficiently, and comply with stringent healthcare regulations, all while optimizing operational costs.


Keep your retail space attractive and functional with our CMMS. Efficiently manage maintenance tasks, from storefronts to inventory warehouses, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.


In the manufacturing sector, maintaining machinery and equipment is crucial to ensure uninterrupted production and product quality. Avertly's predictive maintenance capabilities can help manufacturers anticipate potential equipment failures, schedule maintenance proactively, and prevent costly downtime


Deliver exceptional guest experiences with our CMMS. Manage your property’s maintenance seamlessly, from guest rooms to public areas, ensuring comfort and safety while optimizing your maintenance staff’s productivity.


Our CMMS ensures a safe and conducive learning environment. Manage maintenance of classrooms, labs, and facilities efficiently, reducing disruptions and focusing on providing quality education.

Data Centers and IT Facilities

Ensure the heart of your IT operations never skips a beat with our CMMS. Manage maintenance of critical IT infrastructure, from servers to cooling systems, ensuring high availability and reliability.

Restaurants and Food Services

Keep your kitchen and dining facilities in top shape with our CMMS. Manage regular maintenance of kitchen equipment and facilities, ensuring health and safety standards are met for your patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions

A SaaS-based preventative maintenance system is a software application that is hosted on the cloud and accessible via the internet. It allows users to schedule, manage, and track preventive maintenance tasks for their equipment and facilities, and also store and organize maintenance records.


The benefits of using a SaaS-based preventative maintenance system include increased efficiency, improved productivity, and reduced downtime due to equipment failure. It also allows for better organization and management of maintenance activities and records, and better communication and collaboration between different teams and departments.


A SaaS-based preventative maintenance system can be used to manage a wide range of equipment and facilities, including molding, painting and manufacturing robots & machines, HVAC systems, elevators, vehicles, and computers and other assets. Basically anything that needs regular maintenance.


There is no limit on the assets or service requests, nor the number of users. You pay one flat monthly fee.

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